Moalboal Resorts

Panagsama Beach
View to Negros from Panagsama Beach

Moalboal is a town and municipality on the west coast of Cebu, Philippines. It is 89 kilometers from Cebu City which takes approximately 2 – 3 hours to reach by bus. Moalboal is a popular destination with both foreign and local tourists for its divingand beaches. Originally a fishing village it is now a popular dive and tourist area mainly because of its proximity to Pescador Island a short 15 minutes boat ride away.

There are many resorts available for accommodation. Most of Moalboal’s resorts are in the vicinity of the two beaches Panagsama Beach and Bas Daku White Beach. Panagsama Beach is around 3 km from the main town and is where the majority of bars and restaurants in Moalboal are situated. However the beach was damaged by a large typhoon in 1984 and has lost its sand. Nearby White Beach is a quieter beach that still has plenty of white sand.

Sunset at Moalboal
Sunset at Moalboal

Moalboal’s attractions include many opportunities for scuba diving, snorkeling and even freediving. If you are not into diving, then soak up the sun at White beach, or take a trip to the nearby Orchid Gallery or Kawasan Falls.

Moalboal lies between Alcantara to the north and Badian to the south. From Moalboal the island of Negros can be easily seen to the west. Two smaller nearby islands are also visible, Badian Island and Pescador Island.

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Here is a video showing one of the better Moalboal Resorts. You can see not only the grounds of Dolphin House Resort but also the beautiful countryside, beach and seaside.